Venture Capital Fund

We create Toshi Capital fund, that is not limited to a specific industry or development phase of companies.

We invest in projects regarding to which we can realistically increase the market potential by engaging in developing the value of portfolio companies, except for the financial support.

What are we investing in?


Infrastructure is not only limited to road and rail transport, energy and telecommunications. It also includes waterworks, heating networks, warehouses and waste processing facilities.

In each of these areas, we observe significant development, progressing their digitization and implementation of innovative solutions.

Despite the significant development in the field of infrastructure in the last dozen or so years, Poland still remains as an attractive destination for investors – both in terms of investments of national and local importance.

Relationships are the driving force behind innovations. Thanks to a diversified group of Business Angels and Fund Partners, we know who to contact when the help is required and what to do to turn an idea into action.

Innovation is not everything

We know how important it is to complete a proper team, create an organizational culture as well as an incentive system. Therefore, together with portfolio companies, we are constantly looking for development opportunities, helping them to create teams that are the driving force behind the company’s development.

How do we invest?

We value concrete actions. That is why we try to guide the company through the investment process as soon as possible.

We are able to create deal flow thanks to our own network of ambassadors at top Polish universities. We co-create events bringing together the leaders of the Polish start-up scene, which are the driving force of the projects.

Meet our Team

Our team is made up of people with wide experience in running own companies and investing as Business Angels. We come from various industries, and thus we have different backgrounds. This situation gives us the opportunity to see the 'big picture’ of each of the projects that we implement.

Efficiency is a key feature in our Fund therefore, instead of a closed group of advisors, we engage our relations with both representatives of the business and academic environments, maximizing the effectiveness of our activities

Jan Serdakowski

Jan is an investor and entrepreneur, focused on both national and international projects. He actively operates in the automotive industry as well as the gastronomy (co-founder of two gastronomic chains that have been successfully sold to VC funds). For years, he has been actively investing in technology companies with high potential. Recently, he is also actively involved in the real estate sector’s projects.


Contact details

If you want to join the group of our Business Angels, you are looking for co-investors or you just want to get to know us better, please contact us!